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Things can get confusing when you’ve been hurt in an accident. All you want is fair compensation for the damage you suffered. All insurance companies want is to pay you as little as they possibly can. Insurance companies handle claims every day. They have the advantage and they won’t hesitate to use it. In these situations, you need answers you can trust.

We've compiled a selection of articles offering general insights on various types of accidents and injuries, as well as an overview of the legal process for claiming financial compensation. These resources aim to provide clarity and guidance during confusing times.

If you’ve been injured in Gilbert or anywhere in Maricopa County, don’t hesitate to contact Browne Law Group. Attorney Byron Browne is ready to provide an honest assessment of your case and discuss your legal options with clarity and directness.

What Types of Doctors Treat Car Accident Injuries?

Car accidents can cause a range of injuries, from whiplash and fractures to severe traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage. Knowing which type of doctor to consult is essential for proper diagnosis and treatment. We explain the importance of seeking prompt medical care, the types of doctors who treat car accident injuries, and how medical records can support your injury claim.

Can You Sue a Bar for Serving Alcohol to a Drunk Driver?

Arizona’s “dram shop” statute means you can sue bars and restaurants that overserve drunk drivers in some circumstances. Proving dram shop liability is not easy, but it’s often well worth pursuing. Our law firm explains what Arizonans need to know.

In Arizona, Can Pedestrians Sue If They Were Hit by a Car Outside of a Crosswalk?

In Arizona pedestrian accidents, details matter – especially when it comes to questions about crosswalks. State laws leave room for insurance companies to argue that pedestrians are at fault in crashes outside of crosswalks. It often takes an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer to set them right. Here’s what injured pedestrians need to know.

What Makes Fatigued Driving Dangerous?

Drowsy driving is impaired driving. Our experienced Arizona car accident lawyers explain what makes fatigued driving so dangerous and how an attorney can help if you were hit and injured by a tired driver.

How to Get Camera Footage of a Car Accident in Maricopa County, AZ

In the aftermath of a car accident in Maricopa County, AZ, obtaining surveillance camera footage can be pivotal for building a strong case. Discover the steps involved in securing this crucial evidence and how an experienced car accident lawyer at Browne Law Group can find the facts that matter to your case.

Why Is Winning a Rear-End Accident Claim Hard?

In Arizona, rear-end accidents can lead to serious injuries, but insurance companies often downplay their severity. We break down common rear-end accident injuries, the tactics insurance adjusters use in these claims, and how an attorney can help you fight back for the compensation you deserve.

Delayed Injury Symptoms After a Car Accident in Arizona

After a car crash, the full extent of your injury symptoms may take some time to become apparent. Our law firm explains the effects delayed symptoms can have on your case and how an experienced car accident attorney can help you move forward.

Getting Hurt In A Car Accident While Pregnant

Getting injured in a car accident can be especially traumatic for women who are pregnant. We discuss potential pregnancy complications, types of medical expenses for mothers and their babies, and legal options for recovering financial compensation.

What To Do After Being Hit By a Car in Gilbert, AZ

If you were hit by a car while driving, biking, or walking, you may not be sure what to do next. Attorney Byron Browne discusses steps you can take to protect yourself, as well as your right to seek financial compensation.

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