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There are different ways for victims of assault to get justice. Police can catch the attacker, who can then be criminally charged. But if you were the victim of an assault that happened on someone else’s property, you may also be able to recover financial compensation for the damages you suffered through a personal injury claim against the property owner.

Attorney Byron Browne of Browne Law Group fights for the rights of assault victims. The damages you suffered in an attack are very real, but recovering compensation can be a complicated process. Our firm builds strong cases and is committed to holding negligent business and property owners accountable.

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What is a negligent security claim?

Under Arizona premises liability laws, owners can be held responsible if someone is hurt on their property as a result of negligence. This includes incidents such as slip and falls, but it also includes physical assaults that occur due to poor security on the premises. Negligent security incidents can occur at any number of locations: a bar or restaurant, supermarket or retail store, apartment complex, warehouse, hotel or motel, shopping mall, stadium, or parking lot, to name a few.

The owners of these properties have a responsibility to take reasonable steps to keep people safe. There is no specific type of security that they are required to use. But common and effective security measures include lighting, fencing, the use of entry points, security guards, attendants, or surveillance cameras.

Negligent security claims are complicated

Even if it’s clear that a lack of security measures led to an assault, property and business owners often deny responsibility and don’t admit to doing anything wrong. They may argue that certain security measures were taken, failing to mention the gaps in security that led to the assault. Or they may argue the crime wasn’t foreseeable. They also have lawyers ready to defend them in any lawsuit.

The insurance companies will also dispute your claim. They may deny any liability or try to pay you as little as possible. There are several tactics they use to try to minimize your claim, such as minimizing the severity of your injuries or arguing that you could have prevented some of the damages.

Or you may be offered a settlement. How can an insurance company offering you money be a bad thing? Simple: their offer will fall far short of covering your total damages. They’re just trying to save money. That’s why you need the Anti-Lawyer Lawyer.

Byron Browne knows that dealing with insurance company B.S. is the last thing you need while trying to recover from the physical and emotional trauma of an attack. He is ready to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Not your typical negligent security attorney

We take nothing for granted. Our legal team investigates your assault to get the facts. We gather evidence, including any evidence belonging to the property owner, such as security camera footage and maintenance records. We talk to witnesses, and carefully review police reports and other documentation. If needed, we consult security experts and other specialists.

Attorney Byron Browne knows all of the tactics insurance companies use. When they fight your claim, he will help you fight back. Any resolution of your claim should include compensation for all the damages you suffered. This includes current and future medical expenses for all of your injuries, lost wages if you were unable to work, and other damages such as pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Byron Browne will handle all communications with the insurance company so you can focus on healing. He takes a tough stance in negotiations until they agree to a settlement that meets your needs. You’ll get regular updates on the progress of your case. If you ever have questions or concerns, just call. All clients get Byron’s cell phone number.

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How much will all of this cost? Nothing, unless and until we get results. It’s part of our no-fee policy. We work on a contingency fee basis. There are no upfront fees or other charges you need to pay. We cover all of the costs to move your case forward. If we don’t win, you owe us nothing.

If you were the victim of an assault at a business or property in Gilbert or anywhere in Maricopa County, we can help. It’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible. The statute of limitations for taking legal action is two years. But it can take months to build a strong case. And as time goes by, evidence can be lost, and witnesses can forget things.

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