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Hit by a drunk driver in Arizona? Byron Browne will fight for the compensation you deserve

Everybody knows there are laws against driving drunk. Nevertheless, there are drunk drivers on the roads who cause car accidents that leave people seriously injured. If you were hurt in a crash caused by a drunk driver, recovering financial compensation can be complicated. That’s why you need an experienced Arizona car accident lawyer on your side.

Attorney Byron Browne of Browne Law Group fights for the injured in Gilbert and throughout Maricopa County. He understands the impact that injuries from a drunk driving accident can have on victims and their families. When insurance companies fight their claims for compensation, he fights back.

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Drunk driving can have devastating consequences

Drivers who get behind the wheel of a car while impaired are a danger to everyone. A driver under the influence of alcohol has delayed reaction time, impaired coordination, and poor decision-making abilities. Drunk drivers don’t drive safely. They may:

Too often, the next thing that happens is an accident that leaves people seriously hurt or killed. Common injuries seen in drunk driving accidents include concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injuries, head and neck injuries, back injuries, damage to internal organs, burns, and broken bones.

Medical expenses for treating these injuries can add up quickly. Victims may be taken to the emergency room and given X-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic tests. They may need surgery and have to stay in the hospital. Follow-up treatment may include medication, physical therapy, home care, and follow-up appointments with doctors.

All of this treatment is very costly, and victims may not be sure how they are going to pay. This can lead to financial stress. If you were injured by a drunk driver, you deserve financial compensation. Browne Law Group can help.

We help you fight back against insurance companies

It seems like this shouldn’t be a problem. A drunk driver caused an accident that left you hurt. The insurance company should cover your medical expenses. Sounds pretty simple.

But it’s much more complicated than that. Drunk drivers may challenge any charges they are facing and deny they were impaired. Insurance companies are mostly interested in finding ways to limit your compensation. They’ll challenge the seriousness of your injuries. They’ll seek access to your medical history to argue your injuries were pre-existing. Or they’ll make you a lowball settlement offer.

Insurance companies handle claims every day. They have the advantage. You need an attorney who knows how to fight back and win.

Attorney Byron Browne take a no B.S. approach to cases. That means he’ll be honest with you about your case. It also means he won’t take any B.S. from insurance companies trying to pay you less than you deserve.

Byron Browne will get to the bottom of what happened

Our firm knows that strong cases give you the best chance of getting the results you need. That’s why our legal team investigates your drunk driving accident. We gather evidence that helps prove the other driver was impaired. We carefully review accident reports, medical records and other documentation. We talk to witnesses. And we explore all possible sources of compensation, including potentially the bar or restaurant that served alcohol to the drunk driver.

Our commitment is to help you get the best outcome possible. This means a settlement that provides compensation for all of the damages you suffered – current and future medical expenses for treating your injuries, lost wages if you can’t work, and other damages such as pain and suffering.

Attorney Byron Browne will handle all communication with the insurance company so you can focus on getting better. He is not afraid to take a tough stance with insurance company until they agree to a settlement that works for you. You’ll get regular updates on the progress of your case. And if you have questions, you can call Byron Browne on his cell phone.

Talk to a drunk driving accident lawyer today

You probably have a lot of questions. Do I have a case? How much compensation can I recover? How long will it take to get a settlement? Attorney Byron Browne can answer your questions and discuss your legal options for recovering compensation during a free consultation. There’s no cost. No obligation. We just want you to have the information you need before making a decision.

If you were hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver in Gilbert or anywhere in Maricopa County, learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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