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What Does Pain Mean After a Car Accident?

If you were hurt in Arizona, attorney Byron Browne can help

A car accident can happen in just seconds. But you can be left with painful injuries that last for a long time. You may need surgery, medication, and other costly medical treatment. If a negligent driver caused the accident that left you hurt, you deserve financial compensation for your injuries. But the legal process can be complicated.

Browne Law Group can help. Byron Browne is not your typical Arizona car accident lawyer. He knows how a painful injury can impact the lives of victims and their families. They are also dealing with emotional and financial stress. That’s why he takes on the insurance companies and fights for the compensation they deserve.

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What types of injuries cause pain in a car accident?

There are many different types of injuries suffered in crashes, including:

Any type of injury can leave you in pain, especially if it was serious. Some injuries have delayed pain that appears days later. Many victims experience chronic pain as a result of their injuries.

Getting full compensation for your pain is a difficult process

Treatment for pain after a car accident depends on the type and severity of your injury. You may need surgery, pain medication, physical therapy and other types of care. You may require care at home and there may be many follow-up appointments with doctors.

Medical expenses can add up fast. But dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating. They are not interested in doing what’s best for you. They are interested in saving money by trying to find ways to pay you as little as possible.

There are many tactics they use to try to limit your compensation. These include questioning the seriousness of your injuries. They may argue your injuries were pre-existing and seek access to your medical history.

Many times, they’ll make you a settlement offer. It can be tempting to accept this offer. You’re in pain and you just want to try to move on. The offer may sound good, but it’s a lowball offer that doesn’t cover all of the damages you suffered. They’re just trying to save money. We think you deserve better.

When the insurance company fights your claim, Byron Browne fights back

Attorney Byron Browne knows how insurance companies operate when handling claims. He doesn’t put up with their tactics and takes a tough stance in negotiations. He handles all communications with the insurance companies, so you don’t have to deal with that stress. And he’ll fight for the best possible outcome.

We build strong cases built on facts. Our legal team gathers evidence, reviews accident reports and medical records, and interviews witnesses. We’ll fight for compensation for all medical expenses related to the painful injuries you suffered. That includes expenses for medical treatment you need now – and treatment you’ll need in the future.

You may also be able to recover compensation for other damages. These include lost wages if you couldn’t work, as well as pain and suffering.

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Why choose Browne Law Group? You can expect personal attention to your case from a dedicated attorney. You can expect regular communication, including updates about the progress of your claim. And you can expect an attorney who is responsive to your needs. If you have questions or concerns, just call Byron. All clients get his cell phone number.

If you are in pain from injuries suffered in a car accident, you may not be sure what to do next. You probably have a lot of questions. Can I recover compensation? Do I need a lawyer? Do I even have a case? Attorney Byron Browne can answer all of your questions during a free consultation. He’ll go over your legal options and give you the information you need before making any decisions.

Many people wonder if they can afford a lawyer after an accident. Our firm has a no-fee policy. We work on a contingency fee basis. That means there are no upfront fees or other charges to pay. You owe us nothing unless we win. We’ve got your back.

Don’t delay – it’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible following your car accident. Contact us to schedule your free consultation at our Gilbert office. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you. We can meet in your home, hospital room, or another location that is convenient for you.

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